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Sparco K-Pole WP Waterproof Kart Boots

Sparco K-Pole WP Waterproof Kart Boots

135,00 €Price

The Sparco K-Pole WP is a waterproof version of the K-Pole boot ideal for wet weather races. Constructed using a matt finish waterproof microfibre with an internal water-tight tongue to ensure your feet stay dry.

  • Waterproof to keep your feet dry during wet races
  • Quick 'Rota' lace system for fast entry and a secure fit
  • High tech rubber sole for maximum grip in slippy conditions
  • Re-designed heel to reduce fatigue and improve support

The K-Pole boots are a great alternative to rubber overshoes which can come loose and often don't provide optimum feel on the pedals.

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